iPod Repair iPod Touch 3rd Gen

iPod Touch 3G Repair Service

For When the Music Dies.

iPhone Repair Dallas: Full Repair Services for the iPod Touch 3rd Generation

Things just don’t seem the same after your iPod Touch 3rd Generation took a spill. iPhone Repair Dallas offers full repair services for the iPod Touch 3rd Generation, as well as that broken heart of yours.


Touch Screen Replacement


iPhone Repair Dallas can replace your iPod Touch 3rd Generation glass touch-screen with a brand new original part from Apple. We’ll repair it for you the same day you bring it in.


Wi-Fi Connectivity Repair

Not sure what is happening to your Wi-Fi service? iPhone Repair Dallas can assess and repair this for you in no time.




LCD Replacement


Bleeding colors, white spots and unexplainable lines running through your display? iPhone Repair Dallas replaces iPod Touch 3rd Generation LCD screens with high quality Apple parts. Bring your iPod in today for quick repair.


New Lithium Battery Install


The iPod Touch 3rd Generation is equipped with a non-removable lithium battery that should last about 30 hours for audio and 6 hours for video. iPhone Repair Dallas will remove your faulty battery and replace it with a new lithium battery in no time.



Power Jack Repair and Replacement


With great power comes great power jack responsibility. When yours gets loose or disconnects, iPhone Repair Dallas can repair it for you in no time at all.


Headphone Jack Repair and Replacement


The audio jack on your iPod Touch 3rd Generation can be replaced quickly when you bring it into iPhone Repair Dallas. It’s a simple operation and doesn’t take any time at all to replace.



New iPod Touch 3rd Generation Cover


If you are looking for a new, untouched cover for your iPod Touch 3rd Generation, iPhone Repair Dallas can fit you with an original cover directly from Apple.


Built-in Audio Speaker Repair and Replacement


The iPod Touch 3rd Generation has a high quality, built-in speaker. iPhone Repair Dallas can repair this speaker with the original part from Apple when you bring it into our shop.