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It’s Quiet . . . Too Quiet.

iPhone Repair Dallas: Full Repair Services for the iPod Touch 1st, 2nd and 3rd Generation

Is your iPod Touch playing the quiet game? iPhone Repair Dallas offers full repair services for all iPod Touch models, from cracked and touch screens to broken headphone jacks and stuck power buttons.

You’ll be speechless when you get your iPod Touch back. Not only will it play the music you love with crystal clear quality, but it will look and feel brand new.


iPod Touch
1st Gen

iPod Touch
2nd Gen

iPod Touch
3rd Gen

Repair your iPod today !

Can’t Touch This”

iPhone Repair Dallas knows how annoying it is when your iPod Touch loses its touch sensitivity. No matter what repair service your iPod Touch might need, w e’ve got you covered.

iPhone Repair Dallas’s iPod repair services include:

  • Odd LCD colors and display

  • Touch-screen is not reacting, or has lag time

  • Cracked screen, chipped or shattered

  • Faulty speaker

  • USB ports and audio in/out replacement

  • Power jack replacement

  • Cracks and dings on outer casing

  • Music not playing, or quality is bad

  • Bad connection to network

  • Bad battery


Three Generations of Music

iPhone Repair Dallas can repair any iPod Touch model you might have. Click your iPod Touch below and get started with your repair!