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iPhone 3GS Repair Service

Abandoned by Your iPhone 3GS?

iPhone Repair Dallas: Full Repair Services for the iPhone 3GS

Its processor is 2x faster than its predecessor. It features four extra battery hours. It has never backed down from a fight. The iPhone 3GS is a truly reliable friend… until its screen cracks, the connectivity gets fuzzy, or the external jacks become loose. iPhone Repair Dallas offers full repair services for when your closest ally goes down.

Cracked iPhone 3GS Lens


If your touch-sensitive lens is not functioning properly or is cracked from side to side, iPhone Repair Dallas will replace it for you onsite.


Malfunctioning LCD Screen

When the color bleeds on your iPhone 3GS, iPhone Repair Dallas will replace it with a new LCD screen in our store.




Installation of New Battery


If the lifespan of your iPhone 3Gs’s internal battery is getting lower and lower, bring it in! iPhone Repair Dallas can replace your old battery for a new, original iPhone 3GS battery in a very short time. Why wait?


Power Button Repair/Replacement


iPhone Repair Dallas can repair your iPhone 3GS power button in-store when it breaks or goes missing.



Home Button Repair/Replacement


When your iPhone 3GS needs a new Home button or yours is jammed, iPhone Repair Dallas can replace yours with a new, iPhone 3GS Home button.


New SIM Tray


iPhone Repair Dallas can replace any lost SIM tray with a new iPhone 3GS SIM tray in our store.



Main Internal Speaker Repair/Replacement


If your ringer has stopped working or the music quality is considerably worse, iPhone Repair Dallas can repair or replace your iPhone 3GS internal speaker.


Earphone Speaker Repair


iPhone Repair Dallas can repair your iPhone 3GS earphone speaker in store, or replace it with a new, original iPhone 3GS part.



Mouth Piece Repair


When your microphone is unresponsive, iPhone Dallas Repair is here to make it better. The operation takes a short time and is done in house, so you can have your iPhone 3GS back in no time.


Damage to iPhone 3GS Outer Cover


The sleek iPhone 3GS outer cover attracts all types of blemishes. iPhone Repair Dallas is equipped with new iPhone 3GS back covers and cases to give your iPhone 3GS a brand new look and feel.



AC/DC Jack Repair


Your power jack may need to be replaced if you are not getting a charge when the iPhone 3GS is plugged in. iPhone


Audio Jack for Headphones


iPhone Repair Dallas can tighten or replace your external audio jack in-store in no time.



Volume Keys and Mute Button Replacement


Your iPhone 3GS side buttons are the most vulnerable to damage. iPhone Repair Dallas can repair or replace these when you bring your iPhone 3GS into our store.



Problems with 3GS Connectivity


Your iPhone 3GS should have extremely quick 3G services. If you are having spotty service, iPhone Repair Dallas will assess and repair this for you in-store.



iPhone 3GS Unlock Service


iPhone Repair Dallas can unlock your iPhone 3GS from its original carrier in a matter of minutes. Bring it in today and increase your iPhone 3GS’s value.